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Sternthal Books is proud to present our newest edition, Boris Kralj’s ‘My Belgrade.’ The book presents a powerful documentation of Yugo-Nostalgia which has preceded the failure of independence to live up to its promises. Order your copy here.

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My Belgrade

ISBN 978-0-9921337-2-6

Boris Kralj

‘My Belgrade’ uses photography to capture the wave of Yugo-Nostalgia that has emerged in response to the failure of independence to bring forth the future many dreamt of. The book expresses a longing for multiculturalism and reconciliation that seeks unity without idealizing Yugoslavia’s communist past.

The Rothfeld Collection

ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Edited by Ian Sternthal

The Rothfeld Collection consists of one hundred and sixty pieces of Israeli art that are being donated by Donald Rothfeld to The Katzen Center for the Arts at the American University in Washington, DC. Over the past twenty-five years Donald Rothfeld has been actively engaged with many of the artists featured in this book, collecting artworks that vary in style, content, and medium.

Jericho Moons

ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Eitan Ben-Moshe

Get ready for a journey into the semi-psychadelic world of Eitan Ben-Moshe's creations in his new book 'Jericho Moons.' We are proud to announce the upcoming publication of the visionary artist's first book, to be released in conjunction with an upcoming exhibit of his work at The Alon Segev Gallery in Tel-Aviv.

Toda Vida

ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Galia Gur Zeev

Picture two types of gazes: one, which observes in real time, is active and industrious, documenting and perpetuating: Galia Gur Zeev, a photographer, diligently documents the objects in her parents' home after her father's passing.

coming soon

A Map Without A Territory

ISBN 978-0-9864835-4-7

Keren Benbenisty

A Map without a Territory is a new artist’s book by Keren Benbenisty. The book is the final phase in Benbenisty’s deconstruction of The Burghley House Collection, a catalogue from 1986 showcasing a collection of antique Oriental porcelains from 17th century Japan. The book consists of 100 unique drawings that were created by disassembling the publication and removing most of the printed content from the newly emancipated sheets.

coming soon


ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Weronika Trajonska

“A-BIENNALE” is an art bienniale in the form of a book, a catalogue without a tangible exhibition. In a world with expanding and inflationary bienniale’s and large art exhibitions, the edition[expand title="" swaptitle="."]draws attention towards writing and critical thought, at the expense of propagating the endless artists, curators, venues, and fairs of the art market’s ever-expanding economy.

The Urburb: Patterns Of Contemporary Living

ISBN 978-0-9921337-1-9

Curated by Roy Brand, Ori Scialom, Edith Kofsky, and Keren Yeala Golan

The Urburb: Patterns of Contemporary Living is a new book that accompanies The Israeli Pavilion at The 14th annual Venice Biennale of Architecture. The Urburb is a neologism referring to the mesh of the urban and suburban – which characterizes the great majority of residential areas in contemporary Israel.

World Order

ISBN 978-965-7463-16-1

Dana Levy

Dana Levy's new monograph 'World Order’ was printed on the occasion of her recent solo exhibition at The CCA in Tel-Aviv. The book focuses on spaces that present, appropriate, and define museal objects.<

First We Feel Then We Fall

ISBN 978-965-91726-0-3

By Guy Yanai

Guy Yanai's first book "FIRST WE FEEL THEN WE FALL" mixes photography, drawing, and painting in the elaboration of a unique visual language. The book opens with a trove of found images that have informed and inspired Yanai's practice. The 'Sources' are followed by drawings, curatorial essays by Nuit Banai and James Trainor, and twenty two plates, including twelve oil paintings on linen, and ten oil paintings on custom birch panels.

coming soon

Odili Donald Odita Monograph

Gregory Volk, Olu Oguibe, Stamatina Gregory.

Sternthal Books is proud to present ‘Odili Donald Odita Monograph’ - a visually enticing survey that spans over twenty years of Odili Donald Odita’s exciting career.

coming soon

The Huleh Project

ISBN - 0 978-0-9864853-1-6

By Ian Sternthal, Designed by Dan Geva.

'The Huleh Project' is a political picture book that pairs disparate images from Israeli visual culture in order to yield a new understanding of Zionism; one that privileges the potential of re-invention over ethnic nationalist concern. The book is made up of two parallel texts - one visual, and one textual – that re-tell the Zionist saga through images, focusing specifically on the Lake Huleh draining project.

coming soon

Lieder Des Ghetto Re-edition

ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Poetry by Morris Rosenfeld,
Illustrated by Ephraim Moses Lilien

Lieder Des Ghetto is a contemporary re-edition of Morris Rosenfeld's one hundred year old book of poems. The book was an international best seller published in a variety of languages at the turn of the 20th century; today it is largely forgotten, and is very hard to procure.


ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Hagar Cygler

Hagar Cygler's Hana Project presents dozens of photographs left behind by a woman named Hana. Cygler discovered them by accident, after they had been thrown out and found their way into a store in Jaffa's flea market, a moment before they got scattered and lost.

Yesterday's Sun

ISBN: 978-0-9864835-8-5

Uri Gershuni

Yesterday's Sun took shape with Uri Gershuni's visit to the home of Henri Fox Talbot, the inventor of photography in Britain. The images were shot on a digital camera that the photographer turned into a pinhole, and are interspersed with intimate photographs shot with an anonymous model from Berlin.

The Sota Project

ISBN 0 978-0-9864853-1-6

Ofri Cnaani

The Sota Project is an art book that accompanies Ofri Cnaani's latest video installation of the same name. The book retells an anonymous story from the Talmud about two sisters named Sota and Bekhorah, living in separate villages, but bound together in symbiotic loyalty amidst a backdrop of jealousy, betrayal, deception, societal judgment, ritual humiliation and ultimately death.

coming soon

Zalmania: Archetypes

ISBN - 978-0-9864853-3-0

Curated by Ian Sternthal, Photography by Rudi Weisenstein.

For the past seventy years, Miriam Weisenstein has dutifully gone each morning to open her photo studio on Allenby Street. Miriam and Rudi Weisenstein immigrated to Tel-Aviv from Czechoslovakia in the 1930's.

coming soon

Cracks In Civilized Landscapes

ISBN: 978-0-9864835-3-0

Adrianna Varella & Ife Da Sylvia

Cracks in Civilized Landscapes is an artist's book that builds upon a performative work by Adrianna Varella and Ife Da Sylvia that challenges architecture as a patriarchal authority.Filming themselves in the process of having sex in a church, a mosque, a castle, a museum, a bank and other institutional monuments, they seek to deconstruct the sacred, heroic and sexist dimensions of these spaces.


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