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Old Man and Sea - $30.00 : Sternthal Books

Old Man and Sea

Joy Drury Cox

In her serene interpretation of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Joy Drury Cox offers a fresh understanding of time and language. 

Periods are typically designated to denote conclusion. However, in this edition, lines elegantly replace the author’s swirling current of words; the period becomes a gateway. These abstract constellations function as a guide through Hemingway’s universe, while forming on each page a tiny cosmos. The patterns vary from subtle rhythms of sweeping strands to frantically acute angles that communicate urgency. Through her intervention in the text, Cox inserts her own voice in a form reminiscent of a melodic composition. Her pristine ghostly drawings elevate Hemingway’s original moments of pause to the peak of the dramatic arc.



 Sold Out 

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